How to Get the Hero in games Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a real time online strategy game that was developed by IgG. For those of you gamers android no harm for playing games castle clash. because according robby-alone game this game exciting and challenging. There are some excellent features in-game castle clash so that it can be a differentiating factor from other strategy games like the Heroes, Army diverse, Arena, Here Be Monsters, Heroes Trial, Dungeon, Expedition, Raid and their System Might.

castle clash hero

Aja ve pretty much for the review, now we go straight to the tips and guide her.

Heroes Castle Clash

Hero is the strongest forces that have special skills. Hero is much stronger than the regular army. Well you could say they are the commander.
Currently the maximum number of heroes that can be lowered onto the battlefield is 6 hero at the same time when the same, this applies in all arena (Arena, Dungeon, Raids, HBM, Heroes Trial, Dan Expedition).

Although only a small amount, but the hero’s ability can not be doubted because of the 6 Hero had been able to quell hundreds of regular troops.

Hero is divided into four classes:

· Legendary Heroes: Paladin, Champion, Succubus, Druid, Ninja, Thunder God, Atlanticore, Grizzly Reaper, Immortep, Spirit Mage, Minotaur Chieftain, Pumpkin Duke, Snowzilla, Cupid and
· Moltanica.Elite Heroes: Executioner, Assassin, Warewolf, Cyclops, Shaman, Pain-Da, Serpent Queen, Ice Demon and Triton.
· Ordinary Heroes: Angel, Marrauder, Hill Giant, Engineer, Frost Witch, Dryad, Alchemist, and Marksman.
· Sacrifice: Slime, Cristal Ooze, and gelatinous Champion.

How to Get Hero

You can get them at the hero with to hire heroes altar.
There are three ways you could use:
· Hire using gems.
· Hire using Honor Badges.
· And Hire using the Shard.

Hire Using Gems

The results of roll gems is random. So you will not know and can not ensure the hero will be obtained. And most likely will get a hero similar to those you already have.

When will menghire hero will appear two options that you can select.
The first option is 150 gems / roll for 1 hero and the second option 450 gems / roll for 3 hero.

Possible hero gained from roll gems:
· 65% Elite Hero
· 15% Crystal Ooze
· 10% gelatinous Champion
· 5% Ordinary Hero
· 5% Legendary Hero

Highly recommended for hire with gems, because if you are lucky you would get hero legend. get more tips legend castle clash hack online

How to Solve Problems Loading Lama in Clash Royale

Does my friend have problems in the game clash royale? here I’ve experienced a problem that is certainly annoying when want to play this game one of which the cause is loading clash royale for a long time even breakdown in loading 50% hold and can not open 100%.

Here I want to share a trick easily troubleshoot clash royale loading old and already I apply it turns powerful also in this way, but here I will explain a variety of problems that often arise in the game clash royale and in general loading slow in this game is because of factors your network connection is too weak so the game does not quickly open.

There are several other causes that could lead to loading the game you just stuck on loading of 50% that is because you do not update the application clash royale latest version, so please check the latest version on google PlayStore, if you already updated you please re-check and how the solution, guaranteed to open back ya sob. , ,

Powerful Ways to Overcome Error Loading Clash royale:

Here are some solutions to overcome the above problems, please do step by step and hopefully this trick might work well in your android;

Check the Internet connection.

First please my friend use a fast internet network or via wifi access, because it is very influential in the game clash royale, if the connection is slow then there will be a warning icon weak networks such as the following;


Ways to Overcome Old Clash Loading Royale

Clear Data and Cache.

Please pal open on Tap Pengaturaan> Application Manager> Downloaded. Search game clash royale then force stop tap, tap the button wipe data and cache. It aims to clear the cache clash royale expired. Then open the game clash royale.

Sign in to Google Play Games.

When you do the latter, then it will go back to the original view as when the new first install the game. Then immediately link it back to your profile previously created via sign in to Play the game.

Close the Application On Background.

Applications running in the background, for example, just like Facebook Messenger, BBM and LINE. He will continue to run even when we are not using it directly and will continue to provide push notifications using an Internet connection. Close an application like this then reopen the game clash royale cards.

Block Internet Access Requests From Other Applications.

How to overcome the clash royale loading 50% of this one is a trick to speed up internet connection. You can block any application requesting internet access directly uses Mobiwol application. Read the full tutorial and explanation Block Method Android Application That Accessing the Internet.

Delete and Re-Install.

Some players will experience a force close on 42% – 48%. This will happen to clash royale that has been installed on the apk file. Remove and then reinstall clash royale only from Play store. If you are signed into Battle page, sign in to your account Play your game.

After one Week Release Pokemon Go downloaded 10 Million The user

After one week of release in the United States, is now based augmented reality game ‘Pokemon Go’ has had a number of users over 10 million Android device. Just a few days of Nintendo News reports revealed, the game has had an increased number of users so quickly. Earlier reports said that ‘Pokemon Go’ has reached 10 million users. Until now, users of the application is likely to continue to grow.


Based on the Google Play Store, Trainer (call for players ‘Pokemon Go’) have downloaded the application between 10 and 50 million times. In other words, ‘Pokemon Go’ is still ranked top of the stairs application with the label ‘Top Free’, ‘Top New Free’, ‘Top grossing’ and ‘Trending’. By doing so, ‘Pokemon Go’ is known to have surpassed the number of residents in three cities such as New York 8.6 million people, Hong Kong’s 7.3 million residents and 3.9 million residents of Los Angeles, as reported by Nintendo News, Thursday (14 / 7/2016). This does not include the user who installed using the APK file in countries that have not received an official release. Server ‘Pokemon Go’ itself has undergone twice paralysis due to an enthusiastic user of the application.

How to Get Combat Power in Pokemon Go

How to play Pokemon Go Pokemon player is required to catch as much as possible in order to increase the strength and also raise levels. Meanwhile pokemon captured does not always have the combat power (CP) is high even too low to have. But not to worry, every pokemon captured, had a separate bonus in the form of stardust and candy that can raise strength.

pokemon gos

According to one of the initiators community of Pokemon Go Vishnu Satya Putra Indonesia, to raise CP in arms pokemon as much as possible so that the candy collected stardust and more. While the means of achieving the players must a lot of walking. “How trick is to the road. The road just thats much. Do not be looking for a hack does not have to look for codes and all that stuff. Because the walk we could get more pokemon,”

Thursday (21/07/2016). He also said that with the many pokemon Go obtained will automatically increase the amount of stardust owned by players. Stardust that has been collected, and reached the minimum limit in doing power-up can be used to increase the CP. However, according to Vishnu, the numbers themselves are not too big power only approximately 10 percent. Once the player reaches a higher level, the increased rates will be less than the previous power up. Pokemon so more is needed to be quick again had the highest CP. Therefore, if the player wants to have combat high point advised not to ignore any of the pokemon that item stardust that can be obtained more quickly collected. With so opportunities for improving CP becomes greater.